Grow Fruit Plants in Containers

Planting a fruit tree in a container

Given the right care, many fruit trees flourish in containers and produce generous crops. Choose a young tree grafted onto dwarfing rootstock. This effectively stunts tree growth, making the tree an ideal size for container growing. The fruit produced will be as large as fruit on a traditional variety. Select a self-fertile variety or multi-graft, or grow another fruit tree nearby to promote pollination.

Plants Selection

Mango ,Guava, Lemon, Malta, Ber, Papaya, Apples, pears, plums, cherries, figs. peaches, nectarines, and apricots all thrive in pots. Before planting your chosen bare root or container grown fruit tree, soak the tree’s roots in a bucket of water.


Buy a large container at  least (18inches) in diameter, with drainage holes in the bottom. Place broken crocks, stones or polystyrene chunks in the bottom, to prevent soil clogging up the holes.

Potting Soil

Add a deep layer of Satrangi potting soil to the bottom of the container, and mix in some slow-release fertilizer granules(Aifa organic Fertilizer), according to the rate specified on the packaging.


Leave the tree soaking until bubbles have stopped rising to the surface of the water. Lift out to drain, remove the pot and tease out the roots. Stand the tree in its new container, ensuring the stem is upright. Check that when the tree is planted its root ball will sit at the same depth as it was in its pot. Fill in around the roots with potting mix, firming it with your fingers as you go. Water well.



Container Fruit Garden