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Gardens are more than just spaces filled with plants and flowers; they are living works of art that enrich our lives in numerous ways. Whether large or small, formal or wild, private or public, gardens are places where nature and human creativity meet, offering a multitude of benefits to individuals and communities. Here, we explore the world of gardens and their profound significance in our lives.Gardens are a feast for the eyes, a tapestry of colors, shapes, and textures. They showcase the diversity and beauty of the natural world, with carefully chosen plant combinations that delight and inspire. From vibrant flowerbeds to tranquil Japanese gardens, every type of garden offers a unique aesthetic experience.

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Landscape Architecture.

Landscape architecture is a multifaceted profession that combines art, science, and design to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens, also known as green roofs, have become a vibrant trend in urban landscapes worldwide.

Vertical Green Walls

Vertical green walls, also known as living walls or green facades, have emerged as a captivating and sustainable solution to transform urban environments.

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AIFA organic Fertilizer

Lush Green

Sargent for weeds

Weedout for weeds

Tricks for Termite

Fungizole for Fungus


Tahir Basharat Cheema MD WAPDA & Family

I have never seen any contractors work as hard as Mr.Taqi It was amazing to watch the transformation of my yard, walkways, and porches daily.

Mr.Azhar javed Sr. Horticulture Officer FFC Mir pur Mathelo

AIFA is the name of quality, We are very much satisfied with their landscape work. Best wishes for Mr.Aleem and Ch.Sajid

Mr.Atiq-ur-Rehman AES Lal Pir

Whenever we faced pest and diseases problems in our plant site and landscape areas, We are only satisfied by AIFA Team. They are working with us since 2005.